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Discover The Years Hottest Trends 2016 look bookBranded merchandisebespoke packagingapparel 2016 LOOK BOOK Discover THE HOTTEST TRENDS 815 1st Ave. Suite 164 Seattle WA 98104 T. 800.810.0572 E. Online Look Book Welcome to our 2016 Look Book a thoughtfully curated collection of merchandise that reflects our steadfast commitment to providing clients with branded merchandise that represents the distinctive per- sonality of their brand. We invite you to draw inspiration from the vivid pages of this catalog and imagine the endless possibilities that await your brand. Taking our cues from the runways of NYC the slopes of Aspen and the aisles of Nordstrom the 2016 Edition of our look book is a collective ensemble of the latest merchandise trends in the marketplace. Boldcolorsreimaginedclassicsandtruestyledotthebrandedmerchandiselandscapethisspring.Celebrate these emerging trends and promote your brand harnessing the latest products in fashion technology and accessories. The unique characteristics and essence that define your brand arent loss on us as we handpick merchan- dise from thousands of products. We work diligently to select items that are worthy of representing your brand with your most valued asset your clients. When reviewing products our consideration extends far beyond the latest trends. We consider product safety design perceived-value and review multiple other factors to ensure that your brand not only shines but thrives in the eyes of your audience. Enjoy our 2016 Collection Oliver Gagnon PresidentCEO Contents First Look 4 The Brilliance of Color 6 Stylish Smart 8 Sustainable 9 His Hers 10 A Collection of Signature Favorites 12 Seeking Balance 14 Untethered 16 Bohemian Spirit 18 Noteworthy 20 Sweet Confections 22 chipolo eLe16105 26.95 promo ToTe bag eLe16102 56.95 h2 go Force drinkware eLe16103 13.95 williamslake kniT hoodY rooTs 73 _eLe16101 59.95 firstlooK 4 2016 looK BooK Exploreahandpickedselection ofthelatestmerchandise tohitthemarketplace Tri-sail messenger bag eLe16106 82.95 dUeT ToTe bag eLe16104 29.95 icapTUre lens kiT eLe16109 9.95 pUma gT crossFade polo eLe16111 70.95 prodir wriTing insTrUmenTs eLe16110 0.95 mophie powersTaTion dUo eLe16107 99.95 The JUicY drink boX eLe16108 64.95 NEW 2016 branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 5 desk seT eLe16118 14.95 lolliclock evolUTion eLe16114 22.95 cUsTom kniT beanies eLe16115 3.25 bella canvas v-neck shirT eLe16113 8.25 ceramic mUg eLe16112 4.95 plaYFUl sTYlUs eLe16116 0.71 tHe BrilliAnCe of Color colorFUl JoUrnals eLe16117 5.50 cUsTom kniT beanies Call800-810-0572 readytogetstarted 6 2016 looK BooK Travel walleT eLe16121 12.95 wave rUbberiZed sUnglasses eLe16120 0.95 Usb drives eLe16119 Call For Pricing rUme ToTe bags eLe16122 5.95 AvividcollectionofBoldand Playfulmerchandisedesigned toreflectyourbrandsdistinct personality branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 7 cUsTom ToUchscreen gloves eLe16124 2.25 elleven backpack eLe16128 98.95 FiTness band eLe16127 38.95 smarT waTch eLe16123 139.95 TiTaniUm power Tech backpack eLe16126 128.95 blUeTooTh haT eLe16125 39.95 stYlisHand smart AnExplorationatthe IntersectionofFashion andTechnology 8 2016 looK BooK ASustainableandSocially ConsciousApproachtoBranding THINKgreen sustAinABle ApproachtoBranding THINKgreen polo eLe16134 18.95 Usb drives eLe16133 Call For Pricing bamboo giFT seT eLe16129 9.95 pockeT siZe JoUrnal eLe16135 4.00 recYcled ToTe bag eLe16132 750 bpa Free drinkware eLe16131 14.95 solar power pack eLe16130 62.95 branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 9 hishers UNISEX FRENCH TERRY HOODIE ELE16141 18.50 SILK POCKET SQUARE ELE16138 5.00 NIKE GOLF DRI-FIT PEBBLE TEXTURE POLO ELE16137 CALL FOR PRICING POLO SHIRT ELE16136 12.95 Drawinspirationfrom currentfashiontrends inwearablestodefinea uniquepersonallook thatscreamsYOU CASHMERE MUFFLER ELE16140 39.95 INSULATED JACKET ELE16139 109.95 10 2016 looK BOOK rain JackeT eLe16143 54.95 heaThered polo eLe16144 30.00 sweaTshirT hoodie robe eLe16145 43.80 pUllover eLe16142 41.95 Call800-810-0572 ready to get started 41.95 branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 11 HERRINGBONE V NECK PULLOVER ELE16148 30.95 COPPER PLATED MOSCOW MULE ELE16147 9.50 CUSTOM SURFBOARD ELE16149 Call For Pricing Abespokecollectionofessentialmerchandise personallycuratedbyElevenMarkeitng A Collection Of Signature Favorites MOMA PERPETUAL CALENDAR ELE16146 5.75 12 2016 looK BOOK HARLEY DAVIDSON SUNGLASSES ELE16155 95.00 NECK TIE ELE16151 Call For Pricing BROOKLYN JACKET ELE16154 Call SAMSONITE BUSINESS SLIM BRIEF ELE16152 39.95 CROSS EXECUTIVE PENS ELE16153 Call For Pricing CUSTOM BIKE ELE16150 Call For Pricing Branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 13 perFormance sTreTch legging eLe16157 33.00 led saFeTY shoe clip eLe16158 5.50 Yoga maT eLe16159 11.95 Ua Tech shorTsleeve T eLe16155 25.00 ogio dUFFel bag eLe16156 26.95 seeKing BAlAnCe Fashionablesportswear accessoriesdesignedto fuellifeoutsideoftheoice 14 2016 looK BooK CUSTOM SOCKS ELE16160 5.95 SPEED ROPE ELE16161 6.75 FITNESS TRACKER ELE16163 49.95 CONTIGO KANGAROO WATER BOTTLE ELE16162 13.95 TANK TOPS ELE16164 Call For Pricing Branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 15 NEOPRENE TABLET SLEEVE ELE16170 5.95 CHARGING CABLE WRISTBAND ELE16166 Call For Prcing WISO PERSONAL SAFETY ALARM ELE16168 42.95 EARMICRO PHONES ELE16169 5.95 UNTETHERED Sleekdesigendtech-gadgetsmindfully engineeredtooutperformits predeccessorsandpropel brandsforward BLUETOOTH SPEAKER ELE16167 30.95 VR VIEWER ELE16165 4.75 16 2016 looK BOOK STICKI CHARGER ELE16171 16.00 SIGMA SLIM POWERBANK ELE16176 39.95 TABLET HOLDER ELE16174 12.95 SLIM BRIEF ELE16175 75.95 SMARTPHONE HOLDER ELE16172 1.95 E-MESSENGER ELE16173 14.95 Branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 17 rFid proTecTive sleeve eLe16179 1.00 ToileTrY poUch eLe16178 11.95 Travel backpack eLe16177 39.95 hand saniTiZer eLe16183 0.75 lUggage Tag eLe16180 2.75 Travel adapTer eLe16182 50.00 Usb wall adapTer eLe16181 2.50 BoHeMiAn sPirit Call800-810-0572 ready to get started Celebrateyourjourneyin-style 18 2016 looK BooK GARMENT ORGANIZER ELE16186 8.00 SEWING KIT ELE16188 2.00 POWERBANK ELE16187 29.00 ORGANIZER POUCH ELE16184 6.00 TUMI CARRY-ON LUGGAGE ELE16185l Call For Pricing Branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 19 NOTEWORTHY NOTE CUBE ELE16189 5.00 CUSTOM JOURNAL ELE16190 7.35 EUROPEAN LEATHER NOTE TRAY ELE16192 Call NEOSKIN JOURNAL ELE16191 10.00 Cultivateimaginationandshare yourstoryinatimlesstradition 20 2016 looK BOOK HARDCOVER JOURNAL ELE16193 13.35 METALLIC DESKTOP NOTE PAD ELE16194 11.50 STICKY NOTE TRAY ELE16195 5.15 PADFOLIO ELE16197 55.00 PEN W STYLUS ELE16196 1.29 JOTTERS ELE16193 8.12 Branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel 21 GIFT TOWERS ELE16200 Call For Pricing SWEET CONFECTIONS HIMALAYAN SALT ELE16198 24.95 SPICES ELE16199 42.95 BROWNIES ELE16201 Call For Pricing CHOCOLATE ELE16202 Call For Pricing Indulgewithauniqueassortment ofsweetsavorydelicacies CANDY ELE16203 Call For Pricing 22 2016 looK BOOK Eleven Marketing 815 1st Ave. Suite 164 Seattle WA 98104 T. 800.810.0572 E. LETS CONNECT Thinkingaboutputting ElevenMarketing toworkforyourbrand areyoulookingforafreshapproachtobranded merchandiseLetsgettheconversationstarted. Dropusaline. copyright 2016 eleven Marketing. all rights reserved. 2016 look book branded merchandise bespoke packaging apparel